DarkBASIC Professional - FREE Download

DarkBASIC Professional is now available as a FREE download. This version contains all of the features that the paid for version includes, the only difference is that this version is supported by advertisements.

Note: This is offer is for single home users only. Business and educational establishments cannot use the free version.

Bonus Content - App Game Kit Trial

The free version of DarkBASIC Professional also includes a trial version of App Game Kit. If you're a fan of our DarkBASIC range of products then you will love the App Game Kit. With its easy to code syntax, combined with a fast and reliable gaming engine, creating game apps across multiple devices and platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Samsung Bada and Meego is a cinch!



Activation Guide

This video shows a step-by-step process for installing and activating Dark Basic Professional FREE version onto a PC.