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GameGuru SciFi Pack DLC updated!

We are pleased to announce that the SciFi pack has received a PBR update from its Collectables folder, bringing 10 new items to you.  From engineering to medical, these assets will go a long way to help to create the perfect scene!  Included are as follows:

Toolkit Drill Hammer Energy Cell Medical Kit Food Rations (Single and Several) Health Vials (Small, Large and Open)

Most of the items can be collected, and the health collectibles even grant the player a health boost when picked up. Of course you can use LUA scripting to change the behavior of these items but it's nice to know a default logic has already been created for them.

AppGameKit Sound Library Christmas Update!

Today we've added 30 new sounds to the AppGameKit Sound Library DLC!

There's a Christmas theme to this update, from Santa's sleigh to charming Christmas bells. We hope you can find some great uses with these sounds in your projects! Here's the full list of new sounds:

GameGuru Public Preview Update GameGuru public preview release gives you an opportunity to try out the version ahead of time and flag up any issues that may have been introduced since the last public update back in July.
GameGuru Antiques in the Attic DLC updated!

Welcome to the first update of the GameGuru Antiques in the Attic Pack! We couldn't possibly top the quantity and quality of the assets available in this great pack so we've upped the functionality instead. In this update, you'll find the "Cabinet 2b" entity has now been improved with a custom script which allows the draws and doors that come with it to function as you would expect them to.

GameGuru Death Valley DLC updated! In this update to the Death Valley Pack, we upgrade ten more items to use PBR textures, this time focusing on the industrial containers, benches and other items including air conditioner and street lamp.
AppGameKit V2018.11.08 Released!

Today we've released a new version of AppGameKit that brings updated support for the latest version of the Mac (10.14) and some exciting new 3D commands and rendering speed improvements that have been coded and supplied by community member Preben Eriksen.

Read about the full set of changes here;