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AppGameKit 2019.18.01 Released! Another January maintenance build for AppGameKit users. In this version we've added some new commands and made some important updates for the Mac: Added ExtractZipASync, GetZipExtractProgress, and GetZipExtractComplete commands to unzip files in the background Added GetWindowWidth/Height to return the size of the window, which may differ from GetDeviceWidth/Height on retina displays GetMaxDeviceWidth/Height now return the non-retina sizes on Macs with retina displays so they can be used with SetWindowSize Fixed ResizeImage not working with animated GIF images The debugger can now display the contents of a type variable

The AppGameKit Team

AppGameKit Visual Editor update We have a special treat for Windows users with an update to the AppGameKit Visual Editor which focuses on a number of fixes related to stability issues that some Windows OS users were having. 
GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack updated!

The GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack has been updated and now has five deadly blades to slash, parry and pierce your way to victory! In keeping with finding every melee weapon from every FPS game from the last 20 years, we introduce you to:

The mighty Longsword The exotic Falchion The swashbuckling Cutlass The evil Demon Sword and the cunning Dagger!