Hi GameGuru Universe,

You might have noticed that we released fewer updates in 2019 than in previous years, and we can finally reveal the reason why. Some time ago we helped develop a product called VR Quest which enabled kids to create their own VR games in schools, after-school clubs and summer camps. Two years ago we were approached to do a new version based on the GameGuru technology. We saw the opportunity to fund improvements to the GameGuru tech, the work started in March 2019 and a version of VR Quest is now complete and selling in America.

VR Quest is like GameGuru but with all the violent aspects stripped out of it, no weapons, blood, explosions, combat or inappropriate assets. We’ve reshaped the asset library and added some template scenarios to keep the student busy for hours. The educational material is provided by the owners of the VR Quest brand and TheGameCreators provide the modified software.

What this means for GameGuru is that we have a potential additional revenue stream to help fund continued development and although you didn’t know it you have already experienced some of the benefits. The performance update that we released in September 2019 was directly funded by the VR Quest project in order to run levels faster on integrated and low-end hardware.

We have our fingers crossed that VR Quest becomes a great success, not least to allow us to allocate additional funds into GameGuru development and take your favorite game maker to the next level.

As we all know there is plenty of work still to do on GameGuru and we hope you enjoy what is coming in the months to come.