Looking for the perfect way to start your adventure in the amazing world of game development?  Do you like the artful construction of a beautiful world, with hundreds of high quality assets to choose from or do you prefer to get right into the code and unleash your creative fury?  Well - we have just the bundle for you!

TheGameCreators Mega Makers Pack includes 3 great game-makers plus eleven DLC and provides the ultimate introduction to the exciting world of game design!

GameGuru, the easy to use game-maker, provides the best solution for initial forays into game design with its intuitive drag and drop interface and over 6GB worth of media included as standard. Stacked alongside it are some of the best official GameGuru asset packs available, giving you no shortage of materials to indulge all your creative ideas.

Then there's the awesome power of AppGameKit Classic and Studio - take your games to the next level and beyond! With it's powerful scripting interface and cross-platform delivery system, there is literally no limit to the scope of projects you can create. Combined with BOTH Mega Asset packs there really has been no better time to get on board and indulge your creativity!

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