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Combat Blocking update!

Our brave knights have learned a new skill, blocking! Hold backslash '\' to block incoming melee attacks from the front. Be warned, blocking an attack will use up stamina, when you run out you will take damage. 

Example - if you only have 50 stamina remaining, and an attack does 100, it will use up that 50 stamina and take the remaining 50 from your health.


Blocking works when running, but not sprinting and can be used with lock-on. Stamina does not regenerate whilst holding the block. Projectiles can't be blocked.

New editor items

Knights round table


Grand new decorative beds


New style house with an upstairs room.


Shiny treasure and gold bars


Wall antlers


Dead flowers and thorns added to the nature tab


Posh new chairs!




Finally, a demonic skull archway


More items and better combat - happy creating!!!!