This latest update to MyWorld brings you keys and lockable doors.

Keys can be given/received in three different ways:

1. Just place a key down into your world

Keys can be found in the 'Game mechanics' tab (same one as portals / spawns etc). Click choose lock to bring up the keys settings.

 2. Keys as Quest rewards

Another way to give out a key, is to set it as a quest reward. Tick the box and hit the settings button to setup up the key in the same way as before. Once the quest is complete, the key will be given to the player and listed in the quest log.

3. Keys dropped by an Enemy

The final way is we've extended the stash panel to allow you to add a key as an enemy drop.


Any door can be locked in MyWorld. We've added a couple more entrances that you can find in 'walls & fences' tab, along with the existing 'complete archway' doors, these will be great to lock off areas that require a key to progress.

Checkout Ravey, Lead Dev on MyWorld, demo-ing the keys: