In this week's MyWorld update you'll find some great new features that expand the questing system. These will enable you to make more in-depth and interesting games with MyWorld.

Key new features include:

  • Quests can now be set to be completed at a different NPC. (Kill/Collect Quests). The designated NPCs quests will be unavailable until the quest from the other NPC has been completed and handed in - allowing controlled progression
  • Quests can now be set to open a selected portal when completed. Portals set to be opened will be switched off until then, allowing controlled progression and preventing quest skipping.
  • Settings button added to portals in editor. Portals can be set to unlock when all quests are completed and / or all enemies in the current world are killed.
  • Portals can be set to 'End Game' when entered. This triggers an end game scroll and music, which can be customised in the portal settings.
  • Rotation issues on quest indicators above NPCs that occurred on some maps
  • Quest log reporting wrong collection items in some instances.

For more details on this update read the full Developer Announcement here.