Todays update includes 7 new bridge pieces, ranging from simple planks for walkways to a big suspension bridge.


As well as spanning across terrain, they also stack like other objects, so they can be used to create floating walkways by linking them off other objects.


Aim Assist has now been added to the MyWorld settings and is on by default. This is great for newer users, or for those who like to run freely but want the benefits of locking on. Aim assist will try and lock-on every time you swing your weapon and the lock lasts as long as the swing.


The top 3 games from our world building competition have been added into the main 'MyWorlds' portal:


Arpee Geez by Aaron Steinmetz

Farmer Fredrick's Fields of Doom by Maxim Bowes

They are a great example of what can be done in MyWorld, and each offer a unique experience. If you haven't already played them via the workshop, then now is the time to jump through MyWorlds portal and get adventuring!