The GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack has been updated and now has six - yes six - additional weapons to hack and slash your way to victory! In keeping with finding every melee weapon from every FPS game from the last 20 years, we introduce you to the battle axe, broadsword, ebony bow, homemade slasher and for the domestics, a rake and a carving knife.

Back in the main product, we work on multiple fronts to improve the different aspects of GameGuru, such as the model importing support and particles, but the biggest focus at the moment is the much anticipated A.I.  You can follow the progress of these incremental AI improvements on a forum thread dedicated to it here.

We'll continue to upgrade existing DLCs in the background and, in the meantime, if you want to get your hands on the GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack DLC it's currently on promotion right now: