We bring you another update to one of our DLCs! This time it's the GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack, featuring three additional weapons to hack and slash your way to victory. In keeping with finding every melee weapon from every FPS game from the last 20 years, we introduce you to the good old Tire Iron, the Homemade Scythe which would not be out of place in some dystopian survival game and the Panga, a pretty lethal take on the machete.

Back in the main product, we are pleased to report that the release of the Monster Update has gone very well with an uptake in positive comments and even a few positive Steam review reversals due to the attention we have given to some classic issues now resolved.  We are now hard at work on the next batch of updates, largely inspired by the activity in the GitHub Issues Tracker and the passion of our community freelancers who positively refuse to leave the source code to the engine alone.

We'll continue to upgrade existing DLCs in the background and, in the meantime, if you want to get your hands on the GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack DLC it's currently on promotion right now: