We are pleased to announce a new GameGuru Classic update for May which includes many fixes and some small additions to keep you making games.  Here's a detailed list of the fixes:


  • Faster loading, material sound system had a change so only when needed sound buffers are created
  • Load time reduced by 9 sec in Classic
  • Terrain update, reduced draw calls by half, enabled distant terrain rendering
  • Added convex hull to dynamic objects (so it can be used by all objects types now)
  • Fix - Crash when trying "test game
  • Editor Issue: Locking Entities corrected
  • Fix - Gun in zoom support alt "last end" like non-zoom
  • Added dynamic sun
  • Fix - Firing the rocket launcher as 3rd person character freezes/stutters character movement
  • Fixed - Zombies do not work since the last update
  • Added - dynamic convex hull
  • Fixed - gridmode be
  • Fixed - Default Sword does no damage
  • Fixed - Easter Pack character error
  • Fixed - Custom terrain textures do not work
  • Terrain split set to 16, half the DC, DC is the main speed problem in today's GPUs. (30 fps increase on a 1060)
  • Reactivate hDistantTechnique for the terrain. (10 fps increase on a blank map using 1060)
  • Fixed - Reflection camera doesn't restore the sky
  • Fixed - Autoload level from the welcome system
  • Added welcome_staticbackdrop so back buffer can resize, before we write the loading process
  • Fixed - Shortcut problem on Japanese Windows
  • Added - welcome_free() where needed so an autoload of the level will work from the welcome system
  • Material sound now the only clone sounds when needed, decreased load time from 10 sec to 1.5
  • Fixed - Importer crash when deleting the collision box
  • Fixed - Importer does not set collisionmode=11 when selecting "no collision" and static
  • Fixed - Importer doesn't always start if you select cancel somewhere and then try import it fails
  • Fixed - Merge error latest light fixes was missing

We have also completed a merge of the various source code repositories to a single system so future fixed and functionality additions will benefit both Classic and MAX, which is great news for the GameGuru community as a whole.

You will receive the update automatically through your Steam client if you have auto-update enabled, so you should not need to do anything except restart Steam and allow GameGuru to auto-update before you launch from the client.