Today we've released an updated version of GameGuru MAX with a host of bug fixes, an improvement for Emissive light effects and a new Demo Game based on the Grand Canyon!

Let's look at these new features and the bugs that we've fixed this week:

Emissive Visuals

This effect is now being rendered properly. You can see that the light from the radioactive barrel shines bright and keeps it's yellow colouring, whereas before it was turning white.

Here's the barrel again with both emissive and bloom effects combined to give it a very radioactive look!


Player Swimming

The player character can now swim in the water! No more dropping like a stone into the depths and drowning. You can now swim above and below water.


Now - on to the bugs we've fixed! 

Structure Editor

  • Fixed - flashing white when another object is selected
  • Fixed - textures keep disappearing
  • Fixed - disappears when you open "Structure Editor Object"
  • Fixed - feature freeze and crash GGMax


  • Fixed -changing shadow quantity and shadow resolution in Editor didn't carry over into the Test Game mode


  • Fixed - Muzzle flash lasts too long
  • Fixed - MAX bug ( blood does not turn off )


  • Fixed - invulnerable Single Level + Invulnerable Standalone issue

Terrain Generator

  • Improved an issue when a small movement glitch would happen when the terrain is re-calculated

Level Editor

  • Improved the editable area box being out of sync with the marker
  • Fix for undo/redo of groups not working
  • Fixed the current object not restored when exiting test level
  • Fixed  particles were not showing their names
  • Fixed  the auto flatten so now it turns itself back on after a restart
  • Fixed the auto flatten terrain under large objects being remembered
  • Fixed the ability to enable or disable auto flatten in the object tools


  • Fix for objects importing with a base colour of black
  • Fixed an issue when setting up an imported model, the thumbnail was being affected by the current level's lighting

Bugs without a name ;-)

  • Fixed an issue with MAX crashing
  • Fixed "Screens" when shown on ultrawide monitors
  • Fix for umlauts and other characters not displaying correctly in the window title
  • Fixed a bug with show navigation debug visuals

A Grand Canyon Adventure

In this Zombie fighting Demo Game you have to avoid the numerous undead and find three skull treasures hidden in and around the game level that uses height map data from the real world location of the Grand Canyon!

The height map import feature in the Terrain Editor means you can bring in real world height map data on which to base your game level's design - great work on this Demo Game by 'Ghost lol' from our great community!

Keep your eyes peeled later today for news of a great GameGuru MAX competition :-)