After another busy week of bug fixing and improvements we've released a new build of GameGuru MAX - here's the low down on what's new!


  • Fixed a cloud flickerering issue that sometimes happened when choose an object from the object library
  • Activated SSAO by default for all game projects, increasing quality of ambient scenes by adding extra shadow details


Object Placement

  • Fixed a scale value bug, it now shows 100 and not 99
  • Lights are now hangging down and higher when not placed using smart mode
  • Objects place onto the floor, even if the camera looks straight ahead
  • Fixed grid system so no Y adjustment during control
  • Stabilized the Y position when placing objects in an EMPTY scene
  • Fixed remaining quat rotation issues (copy paste rotate)


  • Another fix for the file selector opening in different location to that of the imported models
  • Added a checkbox to toggle whether surface texture is chosen directly or generated by taking data from RGBA channels of source textures
  • Fix for surface texture description text formatting being incorrect
  • Fix for texture path disappearing after selecting file in importer
  • Fix for non-dbo animation files not loading
  • Fix for some objects importing stretched

Level Editor

  • Objects are no longer highlighted when moving the mouse over the scene
  • Lock and Unlock buttons now show properly in the right panel
  • Fixed a bug with Reset Visuals
  • Fixed an issue where the filter effect could not be set to NONE in demo games
  • Fixed the re-populate grass button not respecting user settings
  • Fix for the Character Creator, it could crash when changing character types
  • Fixed an issue where objects dragged from the scene to the objects list were not being deleted

Save Stand Alone

  • Fixed a bug where a Standalone Character Created Enemies had black trousers instead of Camo Trousers

Behaviors, Visual Logic & LUA

  • Visual Logic connection line now updates even if mouse not over an object
  • Fixed issue of DLUA float variables not working
  • Any logic that used to use IFUSED field can now read the visual logic connections for the same result
  • SetPlayerFOV LUA command no longer drains FPS if FOV value the same

Grid System

  • Further improvements to the grid snapping system, more robust for old levels
  • In snapping mode, the object will no longer move until the mouse is moved
  • Grid system now accessible even when no object is selected
  • Added new offset XZ to the size grid XZ for advanced users
  • Further improvements to the grid positioning system for advanced users
  • New grid options - floating point accuracy and buttons to align the grid's offset and by the size of the selected object


  • You can now use CONTROL+Left click to select multiple objects without needing to use the rubber band control

Tree & Vegetation

  • Added "Lock Tree Visibility" button to prevent terrain quality changes from affecting tree visibility

Save StandAlone

  • The game's standalone icon will now be correct
  • Fixed a problem with a standalone game's opening menu swapping the equipped weapon


If you're looking for game-ready assets for GameGuru MAX take another look at the Booster Pack which has also been updated with three new levels added!