No holiday period for us here at TheGameCreators! The sun may have been shining but the GameGuru MAX development team were fully focused and busy for the whole of August!

Here are the key highlights from their endeavours:

  • The shooter gameplay system is now a primary focus for the dev team. It consists of an innovative visual logic editor that lets you link together characters and objects with the logical relationships between them. You simply make connections between objects with lines and then define what type of behaviour they will perform during the game – simple ?
  • At the core of the new gameplay system we’ve also added a live A.I. editor that shows the logic being carried out - as you see it happening on screen!
  • Flat animating textures (decals/billboards) are now supported in the engine
  • The thickness of the object highlight can now be set to how you prefer it
  • There’s now a quick way to find copies of the same object across a level
  • A big bug fixing session is currently underway with fixes being implemented to the weekly builds

Take a look at the update video for more info!

In the background the new terrain system is well underway and we hope to reveal it to you this month!

As you’ll know we have now closed pre-orders for GameGuru MAX while we hunker down for its early access release at the end of November (there – we’ve said it out loud again ?)

If you are a pre-order user please remember GameGuru MAX is an Alpha version at the moment and therefore not a ‘complete’ product (yet!), and do keep an eye out for the development builds we release to you every Friday – there is some great stuff on the way!!

Finally, don’t forget to tune into our live broadcasts every Wednesday at 4pm BST (12pm EST/9am PST) for up to date progress reports and some lively chat with other early adopters ?