It has long been requested that GameGuru should have a free trial version so that potential users can try out the software before they buy it, and also test it against their system to ensure they pass the minimum specifications check.  Well, the great news is that we now have a FREE TRIAL version available which you can find on the GameGuru website here.

The free trial version runs for 7 days and be fully functional except for disabled multiplayer and a reduced collection of 4GB of game assets to choose from. This gives you plenty of time to try out the software, create a few games and decide whether you want to be a fully fledged member of the GameGuru community of game makers.  We also invite you to register with us and join our GameGuru forums, where you can ask any questions that occur during your trial so you can get the most out of your trial period.

If you want some inspiration for the kinds of games you can make with GameGuru, check out the work in progress section of the forums or try our gallery which contains games and projects our community have posted: