Today we've added support for JSON files and the ability to load and save arrays to AppGameKit!
Note: This version contains breaking changes, bytecode compiled with old version will not work with this version, and bytecode compiled with this version will not work with previous versions.
This new version of AppGameKit includes these new features and maintenance fixes:
JSON and Load/Save Arrays
  • Added type.toJSON() and type.fromJSON(string) to convert types to and from JSON strings
  • Added array.toJSON() and array.fromJSON(string) to convert arrays to and from JSON strings
  • Added and array.load(filename) to load and save arrays as JSON files
  • Added JSON load/save example to the General examples folder
  • Fixed normal mapping producing artifacts on mobile devices when the normal Y value was very close but not equal to 1.0
  • Fixed SetGerenateMipmaps(1) causing a shader error if subsequent image loads were not a power of two in size and applied to texture stage 1 of a 3D object
  • Fixed the spelling mistake in the Set3DPhysicsRadollBonesVisible, Set3DPhysicsTwistJointMaxMotorImpluse, and Set3DPhysicsHingeJointMaxMotorImpluse commands, any apps that use them will need to make the same corrections
  • Increased Android screen recording quality from 0.5Mbit/s to 2Mbits/s
  • Fixed crash on Android if vibrate command called without vibrate permission
  • Fixed Dutch keyboards not being able to enter single and double quotes in the IDE
  • Fixed a crash when setting a breakpoint on the first line of a function whilst a function local type or array was in the debug variables list
  • Fixed iOS apps not working on iOS 7 or 8
  • Windows 7 and below will now use the old DirectShow method of playing videos instead of the new Media Foundation. Windows 8 and above will still use the new method
Raspberry Pi
  • Removed MP3 support in the Raspberry Pi version to support a wider range of OS versions. Only OGG is supported on Raspberry Pi now
Enjoy the new version!