Here's a new hotfix build that includes all these improvements and fixes for AppGameKit! We've even found time to add some cool video recording commands to the iOS and Android platform!

  • Fixed MP3 files not playing on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Added StartScreenRecording, StopScreenRecording, and IsScreenRecording functions to record the screen to a file on iOS and Android
  • Added screen recording example project to the video folder
  • Updated HTTP commands on Android to use the latest version of cURL (7.55.1)
  • Fixed internal memory leak when using HTTP commands on Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed video playback on Windows having incorrect color conversion
  • Delayed shadow shader generation to the point where shadows are turned on so it is not generated unless it is necessary, may be causing errors on older hardware
  • Fixed LoadImageResized on non-power of two images with SetGenerateMipmaps enabled causing the image to become corrupt
  • Fixed Quad objects, used for full screen shaders, not being able to draw sub images from atlas textures
  • Fixed XAudio2_7.dll sometimes causing a crash when closing apps on Windows 7 and below
  • Using SetEditBoxText to overwrite a long string with a short string will now reset the text position so it is all visible
  • Objects with alpha masking enabled will now cast an alpha masked shadow
  • Fixed non-power of two images loaded with mipmaps enabled not being applied correctly to 3D objects
  • Restored .ms3d support for 3D objects

This new version is now available for direct download from TheGameCreator's servers or update on Steam!


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