Welcome to the December update for AppGameKit Studio. The main focus has been to fix some fundamental issues in the main Studio IDE. The full list of changes are listed here:

AppGameKit Studio IDE

  • The functions drop down list automatically updates to show which function you are working in
  • Android export App ID tooltip fixed
  • Using arrow keys no longer results in autocomplete appearing
  • JDK location can be specified in the export dialog
  • Autocomplete no longer appears when typing strings
  • Fixed code property types not reading or writing values


  • Android App Bundles - export updated to ensure certain media is not compressed when the APK is delivered


  • Fixed a memory leak caused by creating dynamic and kinematic bodies.

Tidy Up

  • Removed warning messages for deprecated commands such as EnableClearDepth and EnableClearColor.


  • Updated documentation for the CreateMemblock command
  • IndexOf compiler error message updated

As usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Studio will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website

We'll be releasing an update to AppGameKit Classic tomorrow!