Today The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide Volume #2 has been released with a 20% week one launch discount. The Guide has over 900 pages and gives you the expertise needed to fully express your imagination and create your own professional-level games. Exploring the more advanced commands of AppGameKit, the Guide has detailed explanations of the statements, often with sample programs to show exactly how the statements operate and how they can be used. The Volume 2 Guide tackles more complex categories such as 3D, terrains, physics and memblocks, and builds on the areas covered in Volume 1.

The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide Volume 2 will teach you how to:

  • Tween 2D animations
  • Work with bone animations with Skeletons
  • Create Graphical User Interfaces
  • Understand the benefits of Memblocks
  • Create Beautiful Fractal Images
  • Learn about 2D Physics
  • Grasp the basics of 3D Graphics
  • Control Cameras and Lights in a 3D Scene
  • See the logic behind a 3D Solitaire game
  • Learn about game networking
  • Access Servers
  • Study a multiplayer game
  • Investigate game AI

The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide Volume 2 includes these sections:

  1. Tweening
  2. Skeletons
  3. Date & Time
  4. GUI Controls
  5. Memblocks
  6. Mandelbrot Images
  7. 2D Physics
  8. 2D Physics - Joints
  9. 3D Graphics: The Basics
  10.  3D Graphics: Objects
  11. 3D - Cameras and Lights
  12. Solitaire - The Board Game
  13. 3D Advanced Models
  14. 3D - Extras
  15. Basic 3D Physics
  16. 3D Physics: Joints, Rag Doll, and Character Controllers
  17. Using a Lan
  18. Accessing a Server
  19. A Multi-Player Game
  20. Game Artificial Intelligence