This week's update will be a bit shorter than usual as I am in crunch mode for my book (which goes to the publisher in Feb). So just a quick pass on the GameGuru stuff from this last week:

Official GameGuru News

Nothing official but it seems the issues list on Github is climbing ever higher. Maybe we'll see some of those get knocked off soon?  

What's Good in the Store

Lots of good things out there this week, notably the RPG pack by moshroom and the music packs shown below. 

However, it seems Dvader dropped a pretty unique 'lockpicking' script that brings to mind a certain game set in post apocalyptia.

I'd love a video of this, but for now, this still will have to suffice!

Free Stuff

A free top-down low poly character:
Tarkus1971 put out a new track called 'the realization' -

Piratemyke is continuing to provide interesting free models (in a sense) made with the EBE:

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

Nothing new this week.

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Karmacomposer posted a sneakpeak of his current work:

Not bad! Though with these entities I'm sure the optimization phase will be an absolute bear.  Good luck on your project, Karma. Details available here:

Maha25 posted an interesting screenshot of a Jungle-based project called N.D.A.

You can get more details here:

Ramiro has a new project (Psalm of Salem) on their way:

For more details, click here:

In My Own Works

My 3 proofers have basically been working at getting their updates done, which I have to incorporate into the book while simultaneously doing a first draft edit.  Initial feedback is very positive. I also have my editor looking at it so he can make appropriate changes to help cram this in as quick as possible.  Next week will be me making pictures and formatting changes.  Then I *crosses fingers* will be done.

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