Welcome back to another busy week in the GameGuru community. Let's dive right in!

Official GameGuru News

This week saw another model kit update - specifically PBR getting added to some of the collectibles and minor doodads of the Sci-Fi kit. I did notice, however, they are still using the Red Cross on the collectible for the heath kit. This is considered a no-no in the GameDev community since it violates the Geneva Convention for using the international symbol of the Red Cross. I brought this to TGC's attention and they have confirmed they'll update the pack to rectify this oversight.

As we enter the traditional holiday cycle, don't be surprised to not see any major code releases or updates done for a while. I've noticed we tend to get 3-4 major releases a year and the most recent one will probably hold us for a while, likely until March or so. In the interim, it appears they are content to continue pushing Add On content and updates. It can be frustrating for users who want to see steady and complete refinement of the core product. Well hey, at least it's consistent, right?

What's New in the Store

Recently a TGCStore seller's discord was added. If you need access, contact 'TheNext' on the regular GameGuru discord.

Not a lot of brand new stuff, though it seems the cartoon-style assets are really taking off. I like how they look though I worry it's going to saturate the market a bit. Still, Reliquia and Belidos both are providing really quality stuff you can find right off the main store page.

There's also a creepy Nun and an 'abomination' by Gtox.

Free Stuff

In 2016 , there was a great bit of 'Christmas Giving' done at Wolf's signaling. I have to say, it was a nice sentiment and I would love to see more of that.

In the meantime, enjoy this 'free little alien'.

If you're looking for Wolf's Christmas Advent Calendar of free stuff from 2016, check it out at this link here!


Third Party Tools and Tutorials

Well foremost it appears that Epic games is positioning themselves as an indie gamedev marketplace. This is huge news and deserves some praise. Steam is a great platform in a lot of respects but the 30% right off the top is pretty brutal for many involved. Epic is offering a digital platform with 12% costs, but get this - if you use the Unreal engine then the traditional 5% for using that engine will be deducted from the 12% they take. So you in reality are saving money by using their engine on their platform. Pretty brilliant marketing though they'll need more than that to defeat a monster as big as Steam.

Also it appears that SegmentAutoWelder (an FPSC conversion tool for GG) is repaired. You can get your updated copy HERE.


Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Well, interestingly enough as work slows down on the engine, work picks up on people's projects! Lots of interesting screens for this week for you. I hope I caught them all!

Mstockton's in development PBR Assets

Bonesy continues work on his Sci-Fi Shooter

DuchenKuke is putting out some fantastic Metro:2033 style screenshots

Len the man continues to show us how simple methods produce great results for cutscenes

VincentHendricks made this great scene using some dynamic lights set at the right coloration!

Friskon - Lotgd made this bizarre gif which sort of boggles and fascinates simultaneously!


As you can see, there's a lot going in in the community. I'm still waiting for a serious game to show up, something that can really knock the socks off other communities out there. I think if guys like Duchenkuke can keep working at it, they'll eventually release something incredible. It just takes perseverance, some tolerance for GameGuru's nuances, and a steady hand.

Beyond that we're seeing some amazing work by the other devs who contribute code wise. Check out some of the latest works of Graphix and Amenmoses - their particle system now has physics effects!

T-bone is working on stealth mechanics similar to what you find in the old Thief games: Video Here

Amenmoses has made some huge advances to his 'pickuppable' scripts. Notably now you can actually use them to throw and injure enemies. Check out the video of it HERE

In My Own Works

This week I didn't get as much done as I'd like. The last mile here is proving somewhat difficult as I saved all the more dangerous or difficult tasks to cover for last. This means particles, physics, advanced engine tricks like camera control - all of that is a bit daunting to write and a lot to research and test. It'll get there though. The trick is to just keep plodding inexorably forward.