GameGuru News

Some of the secret squirrel sleuths found this gem buried in GitHub - make of it what you will:

What's Good in The Store

There's a lot of good one-off products this week:

Corrosion's Survival Scripts are in a pack.

Fredgames77 made some highly detailed zombie garden gnomes.

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

<This space for rent>

Sorry guys, nothing new here :(

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Galaxy Hauler (By Honkeyboy) had a video put up that is fairly enticing:

Zelick's project "Neir" had some updates here:

Naelurec by Old Flak has put up some more great screenshots:

I love seeing a project with custom modelling. This kind of thing is what this community needs - more homebrew stuff with consistent art direction and quality design.  It should really stand out once it's completed.

Robert Hindle (Bod) and AmenMoses's latest work on a flyable spitfire looks great, as one could reasonably expect!

Free Stuff

If you didn't get Granada's excellent free shotgun last week, get it this week!

AlexGCC made a free 'Russian Sign'!

In My Own Works

Life is still hectic with the basement remodel, work issues, new baby, etc.  However I've been slowly nicking away at getting minor things taken care of as well as outstanding issues.  I've recently begun making new skies for space settings again - but none of the newest batch has been up to par.  I'll probably release the failures as freebies once again.

Lastly, my Cyberpunk Noir weapons kit is FINALLY fixed and on the store.  If you are a book owner, ask me for a free key so you can get a copy of these for free.

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