This Week in GameGuru - 09/09/2019

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GameGuru News 

This week in GameGuru, TeaBone made a contest for the discord which has since been cross-posted on the forums.  I had intended to run my own contest but it makes zero sense to run two separate contests.  As such, I am going to have to hold off on my book contest until this one runs its course.  Otherwise things will be, flatly put, a mess.   I am still considering whether to add my book to the literal PILE of prizes available to the contestants.  If you are a GameGuru creator, it really behooves you to check this out!

Things have slowed down from the record pace on GitHub but I can confirm some behind the scenes action continues so keep your eyes peeled for further improvements and additions to the engine in the coming months.

The usual spate of fixes tends to be batched in February, May, August, and November.  We're a little off from that pace but I'd expect a big drop around Oct-November.

What's Good in the Store

Valentin321 has added to his excellent Carousel on the store by making a whole pack for an abandoned playground.  These are great looking models and if you are looking for a moody, abandoned park feel it will fit right in!


Free Stuff

Lafette provided a bonus for owners of his mystical dark age pack.


Third Party Tools and Tutorials

The official GG channel continues pumping out videos (good for them, with an engine like this it's helpful info for most people who don't want to wade through thousands of hours of livestreams like certain blog writers did for a book they recently wrote). The new 20 minute vignette format works much better for the average user, I suspect.  Though if you want to get into the meat and bones, I do highly recommend watching some of those multi-hour streams.  Some really good info can be found in them.

The patcher Danny is working on, has gotten additional love too as seen by this interesting screenshot:

Of particular note is the 'Asset Manager' being worked on by Graphix.

I cannot stress how absurdly impressive and necessary this tool is.  It does everything the former 'styleguru' did, only better and much more of it.  You can manage your menus, your graphics, you can control your 3d asset library, and more.  It's really an incredible tool spearheaded by someone who is doing a fantastic job of putting together a third party supplemental component.

I can't even cover all the pieces this thing has.  It's a huge boon to the community and we should all be enormously thankful and appreciative of Graphix's hard work on it.

Check it out here:

A video demo can be found here:


Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Duchenkuke put together this clever intro for a game he's working on.  Cutscenes are always interesting to dissect, see if you can figure out all the little methods he used!

Amenmoses put together a pretty impressive bit of physics in a nice video clip for us.  I'm reminded of a certain game that shall not be named - really impressive stuff.

In My Own Works

I've been fielding question after question with relation to my book.  I've received dozens of private messages, discord chats, personal messages on the forums and the like.  I'm super happy everyone has purchased it seems to be enjoying it.  It's been quite a ride and I'm happy that people are already extracting value from it.

Life's not been kind to me but for the moment I have an artist cleaning up some of the original cybernoir assets I had made up so that I feel comfortable with their release.

An example is here:

This flying car has been updated to PBR and yet still retains much of the original artistic style.  I'm really looking forward to getting this stuff out the door!

Once I get that all ready to go I'll post the final version on the store for everyone to give a whirl.  As usual, book purchasers will receive it for free, non purchasers will need to buy it on the store.

Thanks again and see you next week!



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