This week we finally received the public launch of the updated engine.  

Lots of mini updates to the big update done.  Looks like Lee is continuing his active involvement on GitHub via the code tracking here:

Notably there's a bit in there about making Makehuman characters more easily importable. While I like the integration and simplicity of the Character Creator, I think this is also a worthy effort to help further define GameGuru's place in the grand scheme of things.

What's Good in the Store

 Sula did a whole village for sale.

Ironically, I was *JUST* considering making a wheat vegetation object.

He's rapidly becoming one of the most prolific PBR modellers on the store. Beyond that, not much else is going on in the store this week.

Free Stuff

I wasn't able to find anything free this week.  Better luck next time guys!

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

Lots of great tutorials this week.  Notably Dvader (who previously made some really interesting work in GameGuru) has returned with a very simple 'lunar launch' tutorial.

Amenmoses wrote up a good tutorial on sound usage in GameGuru:

Graphix has opened up his asset manager for GG for testing:

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

This week Honkeyboy posted an interesting EBE build on one of his projects:

Complete with hidden burial chambers!

More info can be found here:

And this week we got a return from old-timer 'scienceboy' with his mega-epic 'Twin Worlds':

Full info on the latest can be found here:

Cybernessence, of course, continues to amaze with a huge update.  He's recently done some interesting work with the terrain shader:

Looking better and better!

There's a lot of additional info but one thing of note is he created an interior environment zone that allows localized cubemaps based on your zone.  This is a massive improvement over the stock system and I would push to have this change added immediately for the sake of more serious creators:

In My Own Works

Time has been hard to find, mostly just upkeep on nearly constant book questions by the publisher and typesetting company. Beyond that looking at trying to get some works done for the sidecar materials for the book.  This includes some last minute procurement and speccing up demo levels for people to learn from.

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