This weeks update to MyWorld sees the quest system improved and we herald the arrival of a new race - Dwarves!

In the 'friendly' tab you'll find 4 new characters. We've also split them up and added 23 new parts into the character creator. So if you'd like an angry dwarf instead, simply piece one together and choose an enemy AI.

We've also begun the upgrading of the quest system. The first step has been to add some new options into the NPC's quest panel. Things have been shuffled around a bit, but the two new features are: 

Multiple Kill and Collect - This works as before, however one NPC can set you 2 different types and amounts of enemies to kill and/or 2 different types of items to collect. This is one of the first steps in allowing you to create more complex quests.


Character Name - Click in the box to name your NPC. The name will appear above their heads in playmode. This will help with storytelling in your adventures.

Happy world building!