It’s not often that something really big hits the market, largely due to the time it takes to create something significant. We (as in TheGameCreators) are privileged to be part of the Intel Innovator program and so occasionally get some exciting news, a lot of it we are not permitted, under a NDA, to share. However on this occasion, we can point you to what is now public information direct from the Intel website, announcing Intel Arc Graphics!

The best place to start is to watch the video at the top of the website link and you will quickly see that Intel are seriously stepping up their GPU game to cater for the ever-demanding processing power required by modern 3D games.

As a long-standing partner with Intel we are very much looking forward to optimizing for the new architecture across our product range!

Graphics technology is far from finished when it comes to achieving ever more impressive real-time game visuals, and more crucially, allowing accessibility to a greater number of players!

Unless you have been hiding out in a cave, you will know that we released our Early Access version of GameGuru MAX on the 25th March and……. so far so good! The reception and reviews have been great, especially from the Steam community.

The team stayed on high alert after the launch and, aside from a few little niggles, everything went smoothly. We’ve worked tirelessly on the niggles and continue to work with the users who reported them so we can get everyone up to game-making speed quickly.

Now, you might think our dev team deserve a nice rest after the Early Access release, and you would be right, but time waits for no one (especially our game hungry community) and so we are already working on a series of updates to respond to user feedback as it comes in.

We are also working through our roadmap and plans for the next major tranche of features for 2022 – we’ll reveal more about this in the very near future ?

For right now, we hope you enjoy taking your game-making to the MAX, and please do use our issues board to report issues or request features you would like to see and don’t forget to join us on YouTube for our live weekly Wednesday live broadcast ?

And…..if you haven’t yet taken the plunge, the launch discount is still in place on our website for both GameGuru MAX and the Booster Pack DLC!

Continuing with our pledge to keep GameGuru Classic bug free, we successfully released our Fixes update for March and reduced the issues reported on the board almost back to zero. As always, a few issues remain that are more questions, feature requests or a bug we cannot confirm fixed until the original poster returns, but we tackled every one of them to make sure GameGuru Classic stays solid for all users.

If you do have any issues not covered in the reports that are already posted, please do let us know, via the GitHub issues board, so we can include them in our next update.

We are looking forward to finding out what GameGuru Classic users make of GameGuru MAX, and we hope one day they might take the plunge and try the new product. If you are thinking about it then take a look at the great new ‘Twin Pack’ available on Steam!

We had to share with you this great tutorial from long-time AppGameKit community member Zappo (aka Neil King) on how to develop with AppGameKit Studio on a Chromebook. You can catch more of Zappo’s work on his website too!

And in case you’ve not seen it we've gathered some of the most successful 2D games created with AppGameKit and put them all in one great NEW bundle!

The ‘Made with AppGameKit' bundle is Games Pack 1 plus seven amazing retro-inspired games AND a bonus DLC and showcases just what AppGameKit has to offer and the power it has to create great games and apps ?

Finally, we released the quarterly updates to AppGameKit Studio and AppGameKit Classic at the end of March and as usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Studio and Classic will have the update ready for them and TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website

This month we feature José Maia Coimbra, who describes himself as a 52-year-old, Portuguese "old school" guy. Maia’s basic training is in 3D and Graphic Design and he currently works as Creative Director in a design and multimedia company.

Having never done anything relating to First Person Shooter games before, when his son asked ‘Dad, can you make a game for me?’ his first thought was HOW?…..and then he started his research. He found GameGuru Classic (other game engines were available!) and bought it, primarily because it was what gave him the most immediate result in relation to the challenge that his son had presented.

Maia takes up the story, “I later fell in love with a game created by DK Productions and decided to try to do something at the same level of expertise and here I am with 9,705 hours on record using GameGuru Classic!”

He continues, “I don’t have the intention of seriously commercialising my games. My audience is generic but my main goal is to make the games that my son asks me for. He is still very young and sometimes asks me to put some zombies in there with bad dogs and dinosaurs ;) and I try to make it happen as best I can.”

To conclude Maia says, “What does the future hold? I have explored other engines, but I will stay with GameGuru and change soon to GameGuru MAX because, from what I have seen, it seems to be very robust and satisfies my creative needs as far as gameplay/story style and game aesthetics are concerned. I'll probably stick with a single genre (which I confess I'm still looking for) and make it more of a solid one, and yes, of course, there will be more zombies, bad dogs and dinosaurs along the way ?”

You can see more of Maia’s work on his website 1 and website 2 or on his YouTube channel