If you are a small developer looking to make your fortune making games and apps then you will be pleased to learn that Apple, and now Google, have dropped their fee from 30% to 15% for anyone making less than $1million.

The Google approach is a little fairer to those who succeed, in that if you make $2million they will still only charge you 15% of the first million. Apple seem to have gone the other way and will charge you a 30% fee if your business makes more than $1million.

Whichever flag you fly it is a great move for smaller indie developers who will see more revenue for the games they make.

It is worth mentioning though that you DO need to formally apply for this reduced fee - it will NOT be applied automatically!  Read about these changes on iOS and Android – then go seek your fortune?

AppGameKit Classic  was updated mid-June to ensure its on-going compatibility with both iOS and Android platform changes. The key areas that have seen changes are the in-app purchase commands and the advertising controls for AdMod and Chartboost.

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AppGameKit Studio was also updated to deal with the fallout from the iOS14.5 release and the App Billing changes on Google Play.

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If you have been following our GameGuru MAX live broadcasts and YouTube video releases you'll have seen some pretty cool advances in June such as the release of the new media browsing features and the HUGE improvement to character hair, that will be part of all character creator creations. We also enjoyed releasing the new way to place lights in your scene as we knew many of you had been looking forward to that one. You may also have noticed quite a lot of new assets covertly making their way into the builds ?

It's great we have lots of art now, but we are also aware you might not want, or have the bandwidth to download them all at once on release, so we are looking at dividing this content up so you can download it in chunks for free.

We have more exciting features and assets to share with you this month, so if you are a Pre-order user keep an eye out for the development builds that we release to you every Friday, and of course, do not forget to tune into our live broadcasts here on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 4PM GMT.

If you haven’t as yet taken the plunge and pre-ordered GameGuru MAX, you can claim 25% discount off the launch price and receive all the exclusive Alpha builds as we develop what is going to be a great game-maker!

Just like clockwork we released our June Bug Fixes Update for all GameGuru Classic users and returned the official bug hunt on the issues board to zero. This continues our pledge to keep fixing issues you report to us on GameGuru Classic.

We still read the occasional comment that GameGuru Classic has lots of issues but, unless you post them in our GitHub Issues Board we don’t know about them. If you have an issue, please do report it and we’ll be on it for the next Bug Fixes Update due out in September.

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This month we talk to developer Santiago about his game: Tora Tora!

In March 2020 the Pandemic hit Argentina so Santiago decided to fill the lockdown time with a project. He made a list of all the games that he wanted to program and Tora Tora! was the one that seemed the most interesting to him. His goal was to develop and publish a video game on Steam, created during the Covid quarantine, based on the experience of the Japanese pilots during WW2 on the Pacific, especially the pilots of the A6m Zeros.

The game quickly aroused interest in the developer forums as it progressed, and he was able to receive a lot of help from other developers. One of the many helpful tips he received was to make a jump from Blitz3D to AppGameKit.

Santiago explains, “For many years I was looking for an engine that is consistent with my way of programming. AppGameKit turned out to be the right tool since it had a lot in common with Blitz3D, but with compatibilities and functions at the level of what is needed today to publish a video game.

Learning AppGameKit was not difficult since it has a friendly code syntax, and the community both in the forum and in Discord have an infinite will to help you solve all the difficulties that may arise.

Like many, I learned to program on my own. I got started as a programmer when my parents bought a Commodore, but I was able to enjoy making my own games when I met Qbasic4. I do not know the terminologies that programmers use but that was not an impediment to be able to re-develop Tora Tora! from scratch with AppGameKit and quickly, step by step, the game is in a state of play and at an advanced stage.

This will be the first time that Santiago will have one of his games for sale on Steam and he hopes to have the first version available in December.

Tora Tora! is an air combat simulator, based on the conflict of the Pacific Ocean in WW2. It aims to allow the player to live the experience of those pilots through intuitive game dynamics and a special graphic style.

Players fulfil missions starting from an aircraft carrier, flying to find the target, attack, defend, escort, photograph and, once the mission is complete, return to their aircraft carrier.

The pilots are created by the player, with each one having their own history, experience and abilities; and by completing missions can improve their skills. But if the pilot falls in action he will no longer be able to continue flying, and the player must create a new pilot.

Santiago specialises in Renders and 3D modelling and says, “The good combination of being able to model what one wants in 3D, and then bring it to life with programming, opened the possibility of creating my own worlds, it is the most wonderful concept that exists for anyone who lets his mind fly.”

Nowadays programming is a way of expressing myself, like an art. I usually make games just to play them and see what happens, see what development challenges will appear in the process – my brain loves to work and find solutions.

I'm looking forward to finishing Tora Tora! so that I can start a new project in AppGameKit. Maybe I’ll make something for mobile, or an app, or make a second version of my Naval Simulator ?

certainly have a lot to learn from AppGameKit, so the constant goal is to keep learning.

I have to thank the communities, both AppGameKit and Syntaxbomb, it would not be possible to learn to program so fast if it wasn’t for all those good people, who are always there, willing to help you from anywhere in the world.