The breakthrough to 7 nanometre chip technology seemed a great step forward only a short while ago, and it felt as if the ability to keep reducing ever smaller transistors was now close to reaching achievable limits. Well, limits and records are there to be broken and even this amazing miniaturisation standard has been eclipsed by the mighty IBM.

Last May they announced a significant breakthrough in computer processors by creating a 2nm chip in its test lab! Yes, that’s 2 billionths of a meter! This test chip is expected to boost performance by 45% over the current 7nm chips and be 75% more energy efficient. IBM also claim it could boost battery life by up to four times. The result will be more power and efficiency for PCs, laptops and mobile devices in the coming years.

Before long we might be hearing about less then 1 nanometre chips!

GameGuru MAX development saw progress in a number of areas in May, including the first of many batches of new game-making assets in the form of a complete Jungle collection. We ran a quick competition to see who could create the best Jungle level with the assets – there were some amazing level designs and some completely zany ones too! Well done to ALEX LAND a worthy winner of the $100 Amazon Voucher!

We also gave the Alpha users their first peek of the new Welcome System that greets users when GameGuru MAX is first launched and which will offer a quick way to load demo games, learn from tutorials and browse your own game collection.

Finally, we showed off the latest improvements to the model importer and custom material texture system and the ease with which you can select a model from an asset store and import it into GameGuru MAX.

We have more exciting features and assets to share with you this month, so if you are a Pre-order user keep an eye out for the development builds that we release to you every Friday, and of course, do not forget to tune into our live broadcasts here on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 4PM GMT.

If you haven’t as yet taken the plunge and pre-ordered GameGuru MAX, you can claim 25% discount off the launch price and receive all the exclusive Alpha builds as we develop what is going to be a great game-maker!

We are pleased to say that we have made an early start on fixing all reported bugs for our GameGuru Classic June Bug Fix update, with all issues responded to and many fixes sorted. We are now in testing and are on schedule to release the update in June as part of our commitment to making sure GameGuru Classic is bug free.

For those who are still finding bugs, we highly encourage you to post them on our GitHub Issues Board, as this is the only way we are able to reproduce and fix them for you. We release updates every 3 months with the sole aim of ensuring GameGuru Classic remains bug free.

For those planning a new game making project we have some DLCs about to enter their promotional cycle including:

We’re working on a new update for AppGameKit Studio. The main focus is to bring the engine in line with the recent changes to both the iOS and Android platforms and we'll be fixing any key bugs too.

AppGameKit Studio is currently on offer until 7th June (that’s today!) so don't miss out on a 60% discount deal! .

If you've been considering purchasing the Particle Editor (which will also work with GameGuru MAX) then catch it while it’s on offer from 7th June (yup! that’s also today :-0)

AppGameKit Classic will also see an update this month so watch out for news of this soon.

If you want to start using AppGameKit then keep an eye out for a 70% promotion on the core product from 7th June (ok – there’s a theme with this date ?)

This month we talk to Duchenkuke, a well-respected game creator from the GameGuru forums who started modding games such as Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 back in 2011. So successful were his mods that they had over 80,000 downloads. After watching YouTube videos of Horror games made with FPS Creator (the prequel to GameGuru), he started exploring GameGuru and was hooked by its ease of use. With the help of the forum and the many video tutorials he was soon up to speed on how to get the best results.

With the help of the amazing community and six months of gamedev work his first game “Hunted. One Step Too Far” was completed. It’s a Slender Man inspired Horror-Adventure which takes players into an asylum where they have to escape from a nightmarish trip. The game was released on Steam and has been a big success for him. The game has been praised for its atmosphere and ideas.

Following Hunted, there were a few experimental games created such as Cold Contract and Outskirts of Paradise: Pest Resistance. These didn’t make the cut and were abandoned.

Duchenkuke is a huge fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. For years he tried to create something in that style but was never happy with the results. Then one day, thanks to community member Preben, GameGuru received an update that had a brand-new addition: The Draw Call optimizer. This opened up the possibilities for creating huge, detailed levels. It allowed him to begin work on his new game ‘Dark Skies’.

After many hours of work, the early access version launched on 21st January 2021. The Game has mostly positive reviews on steam and the early access release gives him the chance to continue funding this project and hiring voice actors and modelling artists.

During his game development career he’s learnt so many things about game development, project management, game design and sound design. Duchenkuke wants to thank everyone from the GameGuru forums who have helped him over these past years. Wolf - an incredible mentor and friend who has been the main reason for him wanting to get better and better. Thanks also go out to T-Bone, smallg, dvader, AmenMoses, Granada, GraPhiX, Belidos, Gtox, Mav3r1ck1981, Lafette, Sula, EAI, Michael Stockton, BSP, Maia Coimbra, cybernescence, Preben, C4ever08 and Synchromesh.