We have touched in the past on the topic of Virtual Reality, and you'll no doubt have seen the emergence of this technology in recent years, but you may not have known it has been around for decades, and has only recently reached the point where the experience is good enough for the mass market.

The same could be true of a new trending technology called Game Streaming, which basically means running your game on a central server and 'streaming' the game screen to your local device and streaming the input from your controller back to the server.

Just like VR, this technology is nothing new and the basic concept has been around since the dawn of the room-sized mainframe computers of our past. The difference today is that we have servers and internet connections which are fast enough to deliver on the promise of cloud-based gaming and, if successful, will radically shake the foundations of our fragmented platform ecosystem.

Instead of coding your game for several platforms or using a cross-platform tool to write once and deploy everywhere, you would literally only need to code once for one platform, and then stream that experience out to any device that has a browser. Not only will this empower indie developers to reach more users but comes with the additional magic of squeezing a massive amount of processing power into the lowliest of devices, delivering the best content irrespective of the device they are using.

As a society, we are quite comfortable with the concept of streaming TV, Movies and Music and so it was only a matter of time before we added gaming and productivity to the mix.

Top app for second year running!

As Britney says……..Oops! We did it again ? Our Driving Theory Test app (developed in AppGameKit) has been named by Apple as its BEST SELLING PAID IPHONE APP OF 2019 for the second year running!

We’ve worked hard to improve the DTS 4in1 Kit app features during the course of the year, which in turn benefits all AppGameKit users.

A BIG thanks to the fantastic dev team at TheGameCreators and all those who contributed, and to the great team at Focus Multimedia who publish the app! ?

In more general AppGameKit news, last month saw the release of two new builds for both AppGameKit Classic and AppGameKit Studio. Hot on the heels of these updates are some new versions that will launch mid-December, rounding off a successful year where we released the brand new AppGameKit Studio and Particle Editor and kept the AppGameKit Classic up to date and relevant with ten build updates.

In co-operation with Equinity Technology Ltd, we're pleased to announce that we'll be releasing a free serial plugin this week, so watch out for that soon.


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Later in December we'll be running a Christmas sale, so don't miss out on some great deals this holiday season!


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Made with AppGameKit!

In this feature we look at some of the great apps and games made with AppGameKit……

This month’s guest developer is Stephan Guenther, a 51-year-old developer and airline pilot from Space Dream Studios!

Stephan has always been fascinated by space flight and was inspired by the NASA Apollo missions to the Moon. With no simulations available on PC he decided to create his own with our older DarkBASIC products. He first created a Saturn V Explorer sim and then an Apollo Simulator and even got them published. Following this success, a US company asked him to create a Moon lander simulator for the NASA visitor complex in the Houston Johnson Space Centre. It proved a big success and was even flown by Buzz Aldrin (the second man on the moon)!

Stephan moved to AppGameKit when it was launched and took over from DarkBASIC. He first made a special app called SPL-Trainer to help German flight students prepare for their ultralight pilot license written exam. It has over 1700 questions and thanks to AppGameKit’s great export options it’s available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

His current AppGameKit project is another pilot focused app with the goal of making pilot training, at the airlines, more efficient. It bridges the gap between airline ground school and simulator training. It’s called "PROFILE TRAINER" and helps users practice flight profiles, for jets, before going into the full motion flight simulator. From his own experience, during his airline training, there is a big demand for such an app. "Profile Trainer" will help airlines to save millions of dollars, in additional and expensive simulator time, training their new hired pilots.

Additionally, he’s working on a space flight simulation for a non-profit science organisation in the US. It will simulate the flight, with the new Orion space capsule, into space, to the international space station and back to earth.... All with AppGameKit Studio!

Stephan says, “AppGameKit Studio is the most efficient app development environment available on the market. As an airline pilot and software developer, it’s important to develop fast and efficiently, as I have  to spend my time wisely”.

In the not so distant future, Stephan is hoping to use AppGameKit to develop space simulations to Mars! Going to Mars, is high on Stephan’s bucket list. So maybe one day AppGameKit coding will be happening on the red planet!

As some of you know we are pretty busy working on a major refresh of the GameGuru UI along with some neat little features and we look forward to revealing more in 2020 ?

In the meantime, we are planning a possible Christmas update focusing primarily on bug fixes and reducing the tally on the Issues Board. If you have a bug or an issue you are currently battling with, and can reliably reproduce it, please do post your report on the GitHub Issues Board so we can tackle it along with the other items already reported.

GameGuru DLC

If you are on the lookout for bargain content for your next game making project, we can reveal which promotions we plan to run in December:

If you plan to set some time aside over Christmas to make a few games, there’s no better time to grab some of these DLCs while they are on Christmas discount.

And finally………meet Jason

Jason is the youngest member of the TheGameCreators team being only 25, but has been around TheGameCreators for many years; originally joining the forums as an FPS Creator user in 2007 having had the software for a while before without signing up. He joined TheGameCreators team in 2012 when FPS Creator Reloaded was just starting its Kickstarter. He started providing updates to the existing website and forums to add features that the community had been asking for.

After successfully helping update the forums and sites to better serve the community Jason got further and further involved with TheGameCreators and now handles the everyday operation of TheGameCreators web services as well as developing any new web services that are required.

Outside of working with TheGameCreators Jason is often found gaming, as with many in TheGameCreators community, or running the Game Creator Store that sells assets for GameGuru and other game engines. Outside of the virtual world he runs one of his local Scout Groups and enjoys a good bit of camping and the outdoors. When he needs a proper getaway and a break from the British weather Jason loves taking trips to Disney World with his wife.

Here’s a picture from the latest trip he just got back from …