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If you just want to click together a game then we've got GameGuru for you. If you want to hand code your own game we have the easy to learn and ever expanding AppGameKit.

We have been in business for over sixteen years and have a creative and thriving community who can help all newcomers to the wonderful world of game creation.

Latest News

DarkBasic & FPS Creator go Open Sourced!

Today we have released two of our older flagship products into the open source world.

We're offering all the source code and project files that make up these two elder products and hope that some of our community members will find these resources of use. We wish the projects good luck as we pass the code on. Who knows what might happen when tinkering devs get their hands on them? Only time will tell.

Lil Car GameGuru Tutorial

Today's Twitch session has our man Ravey showing you how to expand out from the usual first and third person views and make a top down car driving demo. You'll learn a lot if you watch both videos in this tutorial.

From taking a car object modelled in Blender, importing it into GameGuru and then controlling the car within a game.

What's coming in AppGameKit 2.0.17?

Rolling out later in February will be a new version of AppGameKit featuring some very cool features. We're sure you're going to have a lot of fun using them and we cannot wait to see what you create.

An important toolset for any game developer is a great terrain system. AppGameKit will feature commands that make it very easy to generate a terrain on which you can base your games. Here's a screen shot from the current progress on terrain, this first image is a 512x512 terrain matrix which is typical of what many users will use to create a landscape. The colours are generated by a shader based on height which we'll include in a demo when we release V2.0.17

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