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AppGameKit launches Education bundle

The Game Creators today launched the AppGameKit Education Bundle. The special pack, specifically developed for the Education market, includes AppGameKit, Giant Asset Packs 1 & 2, Games Pack1 and a 3D Asset Pack.

AppGameKit Launches 3D Asset Pack

You've been treated to many 2D asset packs, but we are pleased to bring you the first 3D Asset Pack for AppGameKit, which specifically targets the need for very low polygon and low memory textures for the widest device compatibility.

GameGuru V1.14 EBE Progress

As a quick update on the development of the Easy Building Editor, I can report things are going very well and I am starting to get more familiar with the way this new editor module works, and I am looking forward to starting the beta process very soon.  I will not bore you with the many minor steps through what's been coded, but I can show how the EBE entity is treated much like a regular entity, so you can use the TAB clip to chop the roof off for interior editing while using the shape painting tool.  As you can see I got carried away with my quick test to add better stairs that the ones I created in my last Twitch Broadcast, created interior and exterior walls and a little hatch in the wooden room in the back (for no reason but to cut a hole in the wall).

GameGuru V1.14 Progress Report

After the extra work created for V1.131 and the subsequent delayed release, we have charged into the V1.14 work in earnest to make sure we get closer to our desired internal release date as possible.  I will keep this date dark so (a) you are not disappointed should we miss it, and (b) that we give ourselves the freedom to do more testing before we release to the public.  We already have a handful of post V1.131 tweaks coded, but the major news is the progress of the Easy Building Editor module which has been a joy to work on.  Now whatever I create will be subject to controversy, simply due to the number of ways the design could have gone, and that I am going up against the world of 3D modellers which have had two decades and a large team of coders to perfect. I have my, myself and a few weeks, in amongst my other duties of dev blog writer, twitch broadcaster, Steam and forum post replies, email responder, support mail replies and of course the regular duties of CEO and general project overlord.

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