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AppGameKit Live Twitch Today @ 4PM BST

For the next few weeks, Lee Bamber will be hosting a 30-minute session on moving your Tier 1 BASIC knowledge over to Tier 2 C++ know-how, and demonstrate this live so you can see how easy the process of becoming a C++ programmer can be. We're doing this to help anyone who has been thinking of doing this generally, but specifically, we have a project being ramped up which will pay any coder £500 to write a small educational app if they can deliver it quickly and to a set quality standard.

GameGuru Adventures

It would appear the release of V1.13 went very well indeed, and I have even received some very glowing emails of congratulations on the build, so thanks everyone for the kind words, and I hope to repeat this success with another solid release in the very near future.  One little gem that's emerging from the community is a series of videos on making GameGuru levels, and it's great to see all the capabilities of GameGuru being brought to bear on the creative process. Here is the latest I received over the weekend:

GameGuru V1.13 Released!

Today we release the latest version of GameGuru V1.13 which includes the most requested feature from the community, saving in-game progress for standalone games, along with many tweaks, bug fixes and additions which we hope will give you more game making superpowers.  In addition, this version has a new restricted content mode so your young ones can use GameGuru without fear of encountering violent assets, a new non-Steam installer for educational users (separate product) and perhaps the most voted for feature from artists is the ability to load in FBX files via the IMPORT MODEL feature.

GameGuru V1.13 Imminent

As the release of V1.13 looms, testing enters the final stage and we are looking forward to launching the much awaited Save & Load Feature for Standalone Games. It means we will be able to take down an item from the voting board and promote the next highest to the top spot for immediate implementation, which as it stands right now looks to be the Easy Building Editor, plus a few other treats I have waiting in the wings for you. More on this from my dev blogs throughout April.

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