Get your Hands on the AGK Manual

 A Beginner’s Guide to Multi-Platform Games Processing


Although billed as a beginner’s guide, this fantastic new resource is also invaluable to seasoned programmers looking to get the most out of AGK. Packed full of information on every aspect of Tier 1 programming, the book will take you from basic coding concepts through to the specifics of the AGK language. The book covers:

  • Algorithms
  • Starting AGK
  • Data
  • Selection
  • Iteration
  • A First Look at Resources
  • Spot the Difference Game
  • User-Defined Functions
  • String and Math Functions
  • Arrays
  • Advanced Data Types
  • File Handling
  • Particles
  • Text
  • User Input
  • Images
  • Sprites
  • Animated Sprites
  • Screen Handling
  • Physics
  • Networking
  • Bits and Pieces

Every AGK command statement (upto V1.07) in the language is explained in fine detail and accompanied with easily understood coding examples.

Existing AGK owners will learn new techniques and gaming ideas with complete game examples.

Hands On AGKIf you have purchased previous Hands On books, you already know how easy they are to understand, how effective the in-book activities are at reinforcing information, and how useful it is to have complete solutions available to all the tasks.

You can download a free chapter now, to appreciate the detail and the comprehensible format in which it is delivered. Click here to read this chapter in PDF format.


Get Hands On AGK BASIC now and fire up your imagination! In just a few weeks and months you could be earning real money selling your own apps across multiple platforms!

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