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T.ED Professional Terrain and Environment Editor

The technique behind designing and using terrain objects can be a minefield of choices, as there are so many different ways of doing it. T.Ed is designed primarily for games programmers and 3D artists to make those choices easier. There are two main categories regarding terrains in games: 'Static Mesh' and 'Dynamic LOD'. T.Ed can help in the development of both.

T.Ed is a dedicated terrain tool to allow the creation of small to large mesh landscapes, either as a series of blocks, or as a single terrain. It allows for superb blended textures either by using vertex alpha or by rendering a 'Supertexture' for each terrain block. Through an easy to use and learn interface, featuring mouse look and game walk controls, you will be walking around your virtual lanscape in minutes.

The software also takes into account the problems of using entity / texture alpha with vertex alpha, and has features designed in to eliminate those dreaded problems.

  • Height / color / alpha Maps
  • (DB/DBPro) DirectX .X mesh(s)with rendered supertexture, highly compatable and easy to parse/convert ascii. There is also an option to store vertex alpha in the .X
  • Blitz B3D mesh(s) with vertex alpha and optimized layering on either surfaces, or child meshes.
  • Dynamic Terrain Kit Export (by using the supertexture and heightmap exports) T.Ed can give a dynamic terrain the blended look.
  • The T.Ed Environment is a simple, easy to read file containing parameters for light, fog, water, skybox etc.
  • Easy to use windows like interface, with 'mouse look' and 'game walk' controls
  • Versitile editing tools that even alow you to create overhangs and vertical walls.
  • New V2 features lots of new tools including autotexture by height & slope.
  • Uses an alpha-limit blending technique to stop vertex alpha Z-Order problems
  • Ability to edit large mesh terrains in realtime up to 1024x1024.
  • Can have 1000s of simulated textures by using vertex colour combined with 6 pre-loaded textures
  • Create great looking, realistic blended landscapes.
  • Lightmapper to shadow the landscape
  • Supertexture Renderer for those who don't want or cannot use vertex alpha, you can now 'bake' the vertex layers and lightmap to one large texture.
  • Useful tools including paint height, auto quad-matching and tiling function to make 'infinite' terrains.
  • Configurable (and saveable) environment simulation for fog, water, sunlight etc.
  • B3D and DirectX .X for easy insertion into your games & other programs.
  • Free Updates
Trial Version Download

Want to test out T.Ed for yourself? Then download this trial version.

T.Ed Trial Version
Download Download: T.Ed Trial Version
  File Size: 3.19 MB
56Kb: 9 Mins 5 Secs 512Kb: 0 Mins 59 Secs
1MB: 0 Mins 29 Secs 2Mb: 0 Mins 15 Secs
  Updated: 12th Jan 2010
  Description: T.Ed Trial Version
  Downloads: 10521

Create fantastic looking textured landscapes using pre-loaded textures. To reload into your games or projects! Now in version 3 T.Ed has skybox support to get your terrain looking right with its landscape! Ted also exports the path-stripped filenames of the skybox images, as well as the height, to the environment(.env) file!
Create enormous terrains up to 512x512 in easy to load and organise sections. Includes free samples, sourcecode and demos to try for yourself! Create any kind of environment, from rolling green hills, beaches or deserts, alien worlds, frozen landscapes, the possibilities are endless!
T.ED uses an alpha limiting approach to blending combined with axis offsetting which helps to stop the Z-Order problems that have been a problem with vertex alpha terrains for a long time. T.ED Includes a lightmapper, which creates a shadow map and saves it as an image. This can then be easily loaded and placed on the loaded mesh in your program!
Create strange rock formations, overhangs and vertical walls with T.ED's drag tool! Also set up primary lighting and fog, then save it to a file that can be reloaded in your program! Make a fantastic giant terrain in seconds using height color and alpha maps! This one took 5-10 minutes to draw the maps in a paint program and about 20 seconds to import!!
The supertexture renderer alows you to generate .X files, with great looking texture-blended terrains! Or use a supertexture in conjunction with a heightmap for dynamic terrain!  

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T.ED is a dedicated terrain tool to allow the creation of small to large mesh landscapes.

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