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Texture Max brings simple, fast and powerful variation to your media!

TextureMax is a tool for easily adding great customisation to the media of your DarkBASIC Professional project. Using the TextureMax application you can separate your images into channels. You can then apply different colours to each channel adding instant variation to your media.

Making a racing game? Give your users the ability to choose the colours for their car. Simply create your texture in your favourite paint program. When finished, open the texture up in the TextureMax application. Add channels for each area of the car, such as the body, racing stripes and interior. Paint over the image with the appropriate channels. When you are done you can load the saved .tmx file in DarkBASIC Professional and texture your 3D object with it. You can then apply whatever colour you wish to the body of the car and any colour to the racing stripe with a couple of simple commands.

Red car, blue racing stripe, black interior.
Black car, red racing stripe, black interior.
Green car, yellow racing strip, gray interior.
One single media file! Limitless variation!

TextureMax will also work great for multiplayer games. You will be able to easily differentiate your players/teams by separating them into color groups. Again, give the power to your player while saving yourself the work of creating very limited combinations.

lt also works great for 2D games!

There are two main parts to TextureMax:
The "TextureMax Application" and the "TextureMax dll".

The Application

The TextureMax application is easy to use and very straightforward. Here is a screen of the TextureMax application in action:

When you are finished you simply load the *.tmx file in your DarkBASIC Professional program and change the colours at will.

The DLL (Plugin)

Using the TextureMax plugin is simple. Here is a sample of DarkBASIC Professional code to generate random colours for the texture loaded into the editor shown above.

Load object "bike.x",1
TMX_Open "bike.tmx",1
TMX_MakeImage 1, 1
Texture object 1,1
randomize timer()
   if spacekey() = 1
      for a = 1 to TMX_GetTotalChannels(1)
         red = rnd(255)
         grn = rnd(255)
         blu = rnd(255)
         TMX_SetChanColor 1,a,RGB(red,grn,blu)
      next a
      TMX_MakeImage 1,1
      Texture object 1,1
Command List


Texture Max Demo
Download Download: Texture Max Demo
  File Size: 5.55 MB
56Kb: 15 Mins 46 Secs 512Kb: 1 Mins 43 Secs
1MB: 0 Mins 51 Secs 2Mb: 0 Mins 27 Secs
  Updated: 11th Jan 2010
  Description: Do you want to see TextureMax in action? Download this demo showing how it works.
  Downloads: 2747
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Texture Max

TextureMax is a tool for easily adding great customisation to the media of your DarkBASIC Professional project.

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