Leadwerks Game Engine
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Leadwerks Game Engine 2.4 is a fully-featured next-generation rendering platform, suitable for the latest games as well as architectural visualization, simulations, and other 3D applications.

Texture Pack 1

A new texture pack is available. For more details visit Texture Pack.


Leadwerks Game Engine 243 features a unified lighting system with dynamic soft shadows. There is no limit to the depth and complexity of lighting interactions. Lamps can be knocked over, lights can be turned on and off at will, and dynamic day/night cycles can be used to render real-time sunsets and weather changes. Using a dynamic lighting system removes the need for any pre-processing or compiling; scenes can be edited in real-time, and the results are instantly visualized, significantly streamlining the development process.

High-Definition Terrain

Render enormous landscapes up to 33 million triangles with efficient world management and LOD. Even the largest terrains can be edited in real-time with instant shadow updating. Mesh layers allow rendering of millions of vegetation instances. Paint texture layers onto the terrain or morph the terrain in real-time. Areas up to 650 square miles can be simulated.

Advanced Materials and Shaders System

An open-ended materials and shader system allows the artist to define materials and create new effects, while relying on established lighting and rendering code. Advanced effects like parallax bump mapping are possible, as well as normal mapping with specular reflection. With the expandable shader system, there is no limit to the effects possible.

Skeletal Animation System

Leadwerks Game Engine 2.4 supports bone animation with hardware-optimized skinning, for efficient rendering of dozens of animated characters. Attach weapons or items to character bones, or add physics bodies to simulate locational damage. Animations can be blended with animations, programmed movements, or even physics interactions, as with ragdolls.

Render Buffers and Post-Processing Effects

Render to any OpenGL graphics context or directly to texture-based render buffers. Render buffers can be drawn onscreen with shader effects to visualize bloom, depth-of-field, motion blur, and other post-processing effects, as well as reflection and refraction effects.

Real time screenshot

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Leadwerks Game Engine

A fully-featured next-generation rendering platform, suitable for the latest games as well as architectural visualization, simulations, and other 3D applications.

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Leadwerks Game Engine is distributed by a third party.

Unified per-pixel lighting with dynamic soft shadows
Screen space ambient occlusion provides a real-time approximation of global illumination
Dynamic day/night cycles are supported, as well as real-time weather changes
Simulate thousands of rigid bodies in real-time