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Dark Physics Videos

We have prepared a selection of videos for you. These show off some of the example programs that come with Dark Physics. We will amend and add to these videos over time, but it should give you a rough idea of what can be done. All videos are available in both Windows Media Player (wmv) and QuickTime (mov) formats.

1. Dominos

Watch a stack of dominos tumble.

2. Water

See how physics buoyancy works.

3. Brick Overload

What happens when you drop objects into a cube made up of hundreds of bricks?

4. Vehicle Arena

The vehicle arena lets you drive around, jumping off ramps, and piling into towers.

5. Particles

Smoke particles inside a house.

Please note that the Dark GDK version of this program does not contain all of the example programs. Instead it contains a small subset. However, all of the functionality is still included.